Baby Madison @ 4 Months

Baby Madison is a beautiful addition to the Little Angels collection. She really was absolutely perfect and already so full of personality. It’s so much fun photographing little rock star babies that are happy to put on a great show for the camera.
Baby Madison Photo
Baby Madison Photo
Baby Madison Photo

Joy & Lionel – The Definition of Newlywed Rockstars

As I”ve mentioned before, everyone can be a Rockstar. It”s all about the swagger, the sway and the sexy. Being a Rockstar is about your attitude and being treated like a Rockstar! This couple clearly has all of that wrapped up with an awesome personality and a love of family! Shooting this wedding was loads of fun and I”m excited to share some of my favorite images with you. You”ll notice this post is quite a bit longer than others because there were so many images that I loved. What can I say, these two just look darn good! Enjoy!

What Does Wedding Day Love Look Like?

Can you tell a story without seeing someone’s face? Do you think anticipation, love or even passion of a wedding photograph can be seen in a faceless photo? The following is one of my favorite couples and I wanted to see if the palpable emotion of their day could be sampled without ever seeing their faces. What do you think? I hope you enjoy this quick look at Faceless Love and as always, join in the conversation about photographing those moments that make life worth living…leave a comment. Have an awesome day and do your best to create something magical.

Atlanta Model Photo Shoot with Arika Bellamy

Arika is a new model on the ATL scene and she was as beautiful to work with as she is beautiful. It’s always refreshing when someone has no idea how gorgeous they really are. I am very grateful to Arika for choosing me as her photographer and I know her career will be everything that she wants it to be. Arika, you better own the “Oh Yes!” LOL. I look forward to seeing you again soon! Enjoy the rest of the summer and don’t hurt ’em…at least not too bad.

Beautiful Eyes

The young lady featured here is one of my favorite models to photograph because modeling comes effortlessly to her and her eyes are truly fantastic.