Madrid, Spain 2010

3 weeks of pure bliss, beauty, excitement and lots and lots…and lots of walking! That was my time in Europe for 3 weeks. This was the longest trip I’ve taken and it really gave me a chance to practice lots of travel photography in hopes to bring some of the amazing beauty back home to share with you all. I would love to have blogged as I experienced it, but each day by the time I sat still, my eyes would slowly drift close and the next thing I knew, it was morning. So, fortunately for me and hopefully you, I now get to spend the next several days reliving it all and showing you the beauty of my trip. The first stop on my adventure was Madrid, Spain. While Barcelona was my favorite city in Spain, Madrid had some beautiful experiences and images to offer. First up we have the world famous Mercado De San Miguel…full of natures vibrant colors and delicious treats! By far my favorite were the olive chips. Freshly cooked in delicious olive oil and salted perfectly. They are pictured below looking all golden and glowing with tasty goodness. Hmmm…anybody hungry for a snack?

Next Stop, Barcelona!

Rock Star Senior – Whitney – Class of 2011

Yesterday I had the pleasure of doing a Senior Portrait Session with a young lady that I have literally known all of her life. We rediscovered the beautiful Belle Isle in the city of Detroit and had a great time creating some awesome images. Whitney is an absolutely gorgeous young lady both inside an out. Not only that, she’s a soccer playing, field hockey playing, scholastic genius that plans to be a Naval Pilot! Seriously folks…SERIOUSLY?! As her mom pointed out, I’ve known Whitney since she was in the womb and it’s been a pleasure watching her grow up into a fine young lady. I can’t wait to see what she does to change the world. Here is a preview of her Senior Session.




Senior portrait

Check out Creative Live and Jasmine Star!

There’s nothing I love more than getting an opportunity to learn from another photographer that I respect and whose work I love. Take Chase Jarvis AND Jasmine Star and you’ve got a killer opportunity to learn and have a great time doing it! Check out or for the next three days. If you aren’t familiar with Chase Jarvis or Jasmine Star, make sure to check out and

The New Wedding Guestbook

It’s all about the new take on The Wedding Guestbook. In the age of graphic design and lifestyle engagement photo sessions, there is no reason to have a guest book that is nothing more than a bunch of lines where you collect the names and addresses of your guests. Let’s think about it. If they are at the wedding, then they were invited. If they were invited then most likely they received an invitation in the mail. If you mailed them an invitation, do you REALLY need to get their address? Instead, give them a chance to see some of the awesome images from your engagement session and allow them to right a message from the heart. This way, 50 years from now you can review your engagement session and see all of the wonderful things your loved ones had to say to you on your big day. Below is a sample from a couple that absolutely loved the idea. It was new to them and they wouldn’t have done it any differently!


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