The New Wedding Guestbook

It’s all about the new take on The Wedding Guestbook. In the age of graphic design and lifestyle engagement photo sessions, there is no reason to have a guest book that is nothing more than a bunch of lines where you collect the names and addresses of your guests. Let’s think about it. If they are at the wedding, then they were invited. If they were invited then most likely they received an invitation in the mail. If you mailed them an invitation, do you REALLY need to get their address? Instead, give them a chance to see some of the awesome images from your engagement session and allow them to right a message from the heart. This way, 50 years from now you can review your engagement session and see all of the wonderful things your loved ones had to say to you on your big day. Below is a sample from a couple that absolutely loved the idea. It was new to them and they wouldn’t have done it any differently!

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