Kris Allen Live in Concert in Atlanta

Tonight I had the privilege of going to an AWESOME concert featuring Kris Allen and Lifehouse. I have been a huge fan of Lifehouse since their first album, and I was a big fan of Kris’ all through American Idol. I must admit that he wasn’t my pick to win, but no one can deny how talented this cat is. He deserves ALL of his success and then some. He put on a phenomenal show and had the entire crowd jumping…literally. Can we say undulating floor! He was one of two opening acts for Lifehouse and I must admit that I don’t know who I enjoyed more…Kris or Lifehouse. Check out some of my favorite shots and most importantly, check out Kris Allen. Keep an eye out for Lifehouse pics coming soon. Enjoy!

17 thoughts on “Kris Allen Live in Concert in Atlanta

  1. Excellent photos – thanks for sharing your work! Agreed – Kris and the band are great! Glad you enjoyed the show.

  2. Thanks for the great comments on Kris…He is the best! A wonderful perfomer and great person! Loved your pictures..they are among the best I have ever seen (and I look at all the pics and videos)…excellent work! Nice variety of Kris and the band! So happy you loved the concert!

  3. Pretty, pretty boys! Kris Allen live is damn impressive. Kris Allen’s got the goods to be headliner. I recommend seeing Kris and Lifehouse. The Smoke & Mirrors tour is amazing!

    • @Deana – Without a doubt my favorite was “Live Like We’re Dying” because I truly believe the message in that song. We have to embrace every minute. That’s why I love capturing those in between moments in my images. Those are the ones where you really see life. That being said, I also loved “Red Guitar” which was a song I hadn’t zoned in on from the Album. What about you all, what’s your favorite Kris Allen Song, live or recorded? Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment!

  4. Wow. Lovely pictures. Thank you for for sharing them with us. Kris is an amazing artist who always leaves me with a smile on my face.

  5. Gorgeous photos – awesome work. Of course, your subjects are definitely easy on the eye. Appreciated the comments about the concert as well. I wish more people knew just how incredible Kris Allen is. My favorite song is “Can’t Stay Away.” I just love it – though his new single “Alright With Me” is a favorite as well.

  6. Once again kickawesome photos! I have been to see Kris twice already and can’t wait till he comes to my area again. My favorite song is I Need To Know and I haven’t gotten to hear him sing that in concert yet. I hear it always brings tears, it is so beautiful.

  7. Amazing photos! I’m glad you had a good time at the concert, Kris and Lifehouse are both so great! Some of my favorites from Kris are Alright With Me and the live version of Is It Over, so fantastic!
    Thanks for sharing your incredible photos!

  8. Gorgeous photos! Kris is such a dynamic performer, makes for great photos. So hard to pick a favorite, but Is It Over is always epic live, with Kris getting all bluesy and the insane guitar jam.

  9. I love your photos! When you see Kris & his band performing, their joy is so obvious and infectious. I’m looking forward to seeing the show when they come to LA in a few weeks.

    Just one suggestion — I don’t see Andrew, the lead guitarist. He was over on (your) right side of the stage. If you could find and post a photo with Andrew, that would make your photo set complete. thanks!

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