Lifehouse Photographed Live In Concert – Atlanta, GA

It’s Thursday night and I’m driving home from the airport. I hear on 94.1 that Lifehouse and Kris Allen are going to be performing at the Tabernacle in Atlanta. The concert is in less than a week, so there is no way there are tickets on sale…right? Fortunately there was enough sanity to override the excitement and stop me from going online from my iphone, while driving, to check for tickets. We all know that would NOT have been a good look. Anyhow, I rushed home, hopped on line and to my surprise, tickets! General Admission, which is perfect at The Tabernacle and the price is so very right!

And now it’s time for part two of the Kris Allen and Lifehouse concert capture from the Lifehouse Smoke And Mirrors tour. From “Hanging By a Moment” to “Whatever Takes” and “You and Me”, they performed all of my favorites and so much more. I honestly don’t think they’ve made a song that I don’t like. I know for a fact they haven’t made an album that I don’t like. I hope all of the Jason Wade fans think that I did him justice. Enjoy the images, and as always, feel free to leave a comment. Make sure to check out Lifehouse online. They have an awesome web presence with tons of great footage and music for you to enjoy!


2 thoughts on “Lifehouse Photographed Live In Concert – Atlanta, GA

  1. Oh my gosh these Lifehouse pics are UTTERLY amazing! I love them and the close ups are making me super jealous! You’re so talented!

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