Hopeless Romantic…Baby Loving…Love Loving…Photographer in the House

About 8 weeks ago I found out that one of my first wedding couples, and by far one of my favorites, is pregnant with their first child. When I say one of my favorites, I really mean it. This is the only wedding I’ve been to where I actually got teary eyed. Imagine it, we are in the middle of the vows and this foreign liquid comes rolling down my cheek. I was stuck somewhere between “Awwww, gotta love love…and…What the heck?! Dear God, am I actually crying?” But hey, I’m a proud card carrying member of the hopeless romantic club. The love between them was truly palpable and today it’s stronger than ever.

So, on with the good news. Not only was I one of the very first people they called, which just goes to show how I truly strive to become friends with my clients, they’ve asked me to do a maternity session for them. Now I have to wait anxiously until she is proudly showing. I’m incredibly honored and excited. This is what I love most about my favorite clients. They invite me into their lives to document their union & love, and then they honor me by asking that I document the growth of that love and of their family. For me, this is where lifestyle photographer meets lifetime photographer and friend.

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