Joy & Lionel – The Definition of Newlywed Rockstars

As I”ve mentioned before, everyone can be a Rockstar. It”s all about the swagger, the sway and the sexy. Being a Rockstar is about your attitude and being treated like a Rockstar! This couple clearly has all of that wrapped up with an awesome personality and a love of family! Shooting this wedding was loads of fun and I”m excited to share some of my favorite images with you. You”ll notice this post is quite a bit longer than others because there were so many images that I loved. What can I say, these two just look darn good! Enjoy!

2 thoughts on “Joy & Lionel – The Definition of Newlywed Rockstars

  1. Lucretia High aka momma HI

    you are right about rock stars wonderful pics captured their fun throughout the day and evening. We the family had fun and you are great. A truly gifted person with an eye to see past the lens capturing the personalities of each I want a copy of all of it how do we do that. I’ll find you on my (60th) birthday bash.

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