Welcome Rockstar Newborn Carli

Welcome to the stage Rockstar Carli. She’s a beautiful baby girl and I had an awesome time photographing her newborn photo session in Marietta Georgia.

Sleeping Beauty Newborn Baby Photograph

Every little girl needs a beautiful pink bow in her hair at some point in her life. And sometimes that little pink bow is all the color you need in the photograph when the baby and is beautiful and peaceful as little Tatum is in this picture. It’s not a new concept, but I still love a strategically painted photograph.

Timeless Love

Sometimes I enjoy going back to revisit the images from some of my favorite couples. Joy and Lionel definitely rank high on this list. Today I’m featuring one of my favorite images of the two of them. Joy is expecting and I can’t wait until the little one arrives. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that they will come through Atlanta soon so that I can do a maternity session with her and if I’m lucky they’ll come back for a newborn session. As you all know, I love keeping in touch with my clients and I’m so happy for them!

Peaceful Sleep

Do you ever wonder what a little one is thinking or dreaming about when they are sleeping? Are they back visiting with God and their friends in heaven, because they left there only a short while ago? Are there little bodies solely focused on growing at lightening speeds? When they look this peaceful, I can’t help but wonder what is really going on in the little Angal dreams of theirs. No matter what it is, these are by far my favorite Rockstar Newborn moments. They are simply amazing!

Welcome to the Stage Rockstar Baby Kristen

Please join me in welcoming Rockstar Baby Kristen to the stage. It’s been several months since her arrival. Mom and Dad (Dedra & Kevin) are both doing great and settling into life with baby number 2. I’ve implied I can’t wait for a number 3 and 4, so I can photograph them…but Dedra gave me a look that made it clear I better talk to my other clients about that.

When I visited with the family just a few weeks ago to deliver their Memories In Motion™ DVD mom and dad were just praying for 4 consecutive hours of night time sleeping. Big brother Caleb on the other hand can sleep through anything and was very well rested.

As I’m sure most of you know, photographing babies is one of my three greatest loves when it comes to photography. I always say that I specialize in photographing Love, Life and Passion. Babies are the embodiment of the first two and the result of the third. Yep, I said that last part. We are all grown folks and know that it’s true. I hope you enjoy the images of baby Kristen as much as I enjoyed creating them.