Rockstar Fashionista Tanya

By day Tanya is an incredibly sweet, kind and thoughtful person that wears a  boring military uniform to work.  By night, she is an Atlanta Rockstar fashionista diva that the camera clearly loves!  She was super shy for this photo session and at times she even claimed to feel awkward, but as you will see from these images, she worked it out and then some!  You rocked it Tanya as only you could!  I had a blast photographing you and I look forward to the next time we decide to “play”.  Also, BIG SHOUT out to her Atlanta based hair stylist Adrienne, owner of Hair Nirvana.  Not only does she have an amazing spirit, as you can see, she is incredibly talented. She took all the hair that God gave Tanya and brought out her inner Rockstar!  The only guidance she had from Tanya was “I want to go big and natural.” Adrienne took it from there and man did she deliver. #hairnirvana

Jessica Hunt – Atlanta Model

Jessica is a beautiful model from the Atlanta area. I had the pleasure of working with her at a model shoot last weekend. She’s an experienced model who loves the camera as much as it loves her.. She is Campus Girl’s 2010 ACC Calender cover girl and a current representative of Carey Paul Honda, Body Design, and Spa Du Jour. Thank you Jessica Hunt for doing your thing the way only you can! Click the image above to see more from her photo shoot, or click inside this posting. To see even more of Jessica’s work, check her out @