Lifehouse Photographed Live In Concert – Atlanta, GA

It’s Thursday night and I’m driving home from the airport. I hear on 94.1 that Lifehouse and Kris Allen are going to be performing at the Tabernacle in Atlanta. The concert is in less than a week, so there is no way there are tickets on sale…right? Fortunately there was enough sanity to override the excitement and stop me from going online from my iphone, while driving, to check for tickets. We all know that would NOT have been a good look. Anyhow, I rushed home, hopped on line and to my surprise, tickets! General Admission, which is perfect at The Tabernacle and the price is so very right!

And now it’s time for part two of the Kris Allen and Lifehouse concert capture from the Lifehouse Smoke And Mirrors tour. From “Hanging By a Moment” to “Whatever Takes” and “You and Me”, they performed all of my favorites and so much more. I honestly don’t think they’ve made a song that I don’t like. I know for a fact they haven’t made an album that I don’t like. I hope all of the Jason Wade fans think that I did him justice. Enjoy the images, and as always, feel free to leave a comment. Make sure to check out Lifehouse online. They have an awesome web presence with tons of great footage and music for you to enjoy!


Kris Allen Live in Concert in Atlanta

Tonight I had the privilege of going to an AWESOME concert featuring Kris Allen and Lifehouse. I have been a huge fan of Lifehouse since their first album, and I was a big fan of Kris’ all through American Idol. I must admit that he wasn’t my pick to win, but no one can deny how talented this cat is. He deserves ALL of his success and then some. He put on a phenomenal show and had the entire crowd jumping…literally. Can we say undulating floor! He was one of two opening acts for Lifehouse and I must admit that I don’t know who I enjoyed more…Kris or Lifehouse. Check out some of my favorite shots and most importantly, check out Kris Allen. Keep an eye out for Lifehouse pics coming soon. Enjoy!

It’s A Boy…Or At Least It Will Be!

A couple of weeks ago one of my closest friends from college asked me to shoot some photos at her baby shower. Although I don’t normally do event photography outside of weddings, I knew this would be a blast and Dedra is like family. As expected, the day was filled with lots of “Tom Foolery” as we would say. Thanks to the giggling, laughing and all out hysteria…it was an awesome day. I can’t wait until little baby boy (he hasn’t been named yet) arrives. I’m betting on November 16th for the arrival date and I am already excited about his newborn photo session. Here are some of my favorite images from the shower and I hope they give you at least a taste of how much fun and love filled the house. The most amazing, beautiful and slightly frightening thing is that I know he is going to grow up surrounded by all this same love, energy and insanity. Lord help him!