They Are Not Waiting For “Superman”…They Are Waiting for Us!

Tonight I saw the movie that has spun the country into a whirl wind of conversation about the education of our children. I left the theater feeling encouraged, disheartened, saddened, outraged and speechless. All of these emotions the result of seeing the statistics and the personal stories behind a crisis that I knew was plaguing our country. The questions is, what can we do? What are you doing to be “Superman” for our future? What can we all do? If you haven’t seen the movie, you certainly should. Even if you don’t have children you still need to see this film because the issues it raises will strongly impact all of our futures. The young people in our world are no longer Waiting For “Superman”, they are waiting for US! Visit

Delta iPhone App Supports The Breast Cancer Research Foundation®

As a person that travels a lot and a lover of my iPhone (what photog is not) I was really excited to see the new Delta iPhone app. Let’s face it, anything that’s new, bright and shiney tends to make my ears stand up and my eyes to take notice. I do love my tech. As a semi tech head I definitely give a thumbs up to this application. Delta is definitely my airline of choice and it’s great to see an application that has thought about so many different aspects of the Delta travel experience. From reminders for you to check-in to giving you a GPS feature document and photograph your parking spot, this application has something to offer all frequent Delta flyers. To make it even better, you can help support The Breast Cancer Research Foundation® (BCRF) during Breast Cancer Awareness Month with the free Delta iPhone app. Now through October 31, 2010, they’ll donate 100 miles—up to a million—for every app download and every app check-in. check it out: Delta iPhone app.