In Awe…on his level and mine

I’m in awe of the magnificence of this church. Something so grand with so much detail is truly inspiring. Meanwhile, the little fella near the bottom of the frame is clearly more intrigued by the pigeon. (more…)

Love Locks of Florence Italy

Love Locks are a custom by which lovers symbolize their everlasting love by affixing padlocks to a fence or similar public fixture and then throw away the key. It’s a beautiful sentiment and the most famous place for this is Florence Italy. Until I saw this, I had never heard of a love lock. I love it! No pun intended…ok…maybe a little bit… Rock On Love…Rock On!
love locks
love locks
love locks
love locks

Magic Fountains of Barcelona, Spain

The beautiful city of Barcelona has so much to offer.  From one of my favorite languages, to the beautiful people and amazing ocean views.   My camera was very much at home here and I really enjoyed photographing many of the treasures that Barcelona had to offer.  This city is definitely on my list of cities that I’d like to live in for a while one day.  So, don’t be surprise if one day I post an “I’ve Moved” message and the new address is beautiful Barcelona!

One of the coolest traditions they have here is The Majic Fountain of Montjuic.   The following is only a taste of what the nighttime show had to offer.  The show starts at the top of a hill just in front of what looks like a gorgeous palace and then makes its way down through the courtyard and along the street. One particular fountain got a lot of my attention as you will see.   My favorite is when the little silhouette boys decided that had the powers of Poseiden and started conducting the water.  Much to their delight, it seem to do exactly what they wanted.

Zaragoza, Spain

So, the original plan was to fly from Madrid to Barcelona, but thanks to baggage fees that would have been 450 Euros, it was time to come up with plan B, which was to drive. This turned out to be an AWESOME thing because thanks to this misFORTUNE, I had a chance to drive through Zaragoza which is a beautiful Spanish city I had never heard of. There were definitely some awesome images to be had. Enjoy!

It’s wonderful how many simple things in our life can be so beautiful. Something as simple as a reflection is so easy to take for granted and even miss all together. Here what I love about this picture is the mirrored image in the water. It’s nothing new, but beautiful just the same.


Life flowing over art.  OK, yeah, that statement is definitely deeper than the picture.  But hey, it’s my blog…I can do that…right? (smile)


Something so simple as shadows and shapes remind me that there is art all around us. A photographer has a real love affair with light and it’s obvious that architects and craftsmen are a part of our crew of light lovers.

Such a little person in front of such an amazing building of  fatih and worship.  In this, God (yours, mine and everyone’s) is truly honored because it’s the perfect blend of miracles, both big and small.

Just as we were leaving Zaragoza the sun was setting and it was the perfect end to an amazing accidental fat driven day.  Thanks universe!!

Madrid, Spain 2010

3 weeks of pure bliss, beauty, excitement and lots and lots…and lots of walking! That was my time in Europe for 3 weeks. This was the longest trip I’ve taken and it really gave me a chance to practice lots of travel photography in hopes to bring some of the amazing beauty back home to share with you all. I would love to have blogged as I experienced it, but each day by the time I sat still, my eyes would slowly drift close and the next thing I knew, it was morning. So, fortunately for me and hopefully you, I now get to spend the next several days reliving it all and showing you the beauty of my trip. The first stop on my adventure was Madrid, Spain. While Barcelona was my favorite city in Spain, Madrid had some beautiful experiences and images to offer. First up we have the world famous Mercado De San Miguel…full of natures vibrant colors and delicious treats! By far my favorite were the olive chips. Freshly cooked in delicious olive oil and salted perfectly. They are pictured below looking all golden and glowing with tasty goodness. Hmmm…anybody hungry for a snack?

Next Stop, Barcelona!