Magic Fountains of Barcelona, Spain

The beautiful city of Barcelona has so much to offer.  From one of my favorite languages, to the beautiful people and amazing ocean views.   My camera was very much at home here and I really enjoyed photographing many of the treasures that Barcelona had to offer.  This city is definitely on my list of cities that I’d like to live in for a while one day.  So, don’t be surprise if one day I post an “I’ve Moved” message and the new address is beautiful Barcelona!

One of the coolest traditions they have here is The Majic Fountain of Montjuic.   The following is only a taste of what the nighttime show had to offer.  The show starts at the top of a hill just in front of what looks like a gorgeous palace and then makes its way down through the courtyard and along the street. One particular fountain got a lot of my attention as you will see.   My favorite is when the little silhouette boys decided that had the powers of Poseiden and started conducting the water.  Much to their delight, it seem to do exactly what they wanted.